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Platform is ZOOM and everything is online


Participants will be asked to gather some simple ingredients from the kitchen (with others that are optional). I will guide you in mixing and applying a nourishing plant-based facial mask. Then, as the masks are treating our skin, we will take the rest of the batter, add some optional ingredients if desired, and put it in the oven as cookies.

I will explain skin health and the reason why facial masks work along with some variations for different skin types for you to use in the future. I will explain the benefits of each ingredient for your skin, both inside and out!

The mask stays on for 10 minutes. We remove the mask, and the cookies from the oven. You can eat the cookies while I answer final questions about skincare.

The entire experience will take 1 hour.

You'll be shown a list of what you need for the class.  The recipe is plant-based with a vegan option (leave out the honey) and is perfect for all skin types.

We always have a boatload of fun and participants learn a lot!