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Susan Gonzalez

founder of MOON




Susan completed her cancer treatment, but not without making some major lifestyle changes. She decided to eat 100% plant-based, started exercising her spiritual muscle, and took a good look at what she was putting on her skin. Not finding anything truly healthy, she started making her own skincare and personal care products and was soon making them for family and friends.  Soon after that, MOON was created. Susan knew she needed to continue learning and expanding her knowledge if she wanted to help others learn the importance of healthy skincare, so she completed the following training:


Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (Franklin Institute of Wellness)

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell)

Level 1 Healing Touch Practitioner

Certified Cancer Coach (PCCI)

Licensed Esthetician (Georgia)





Susan has been working in health and wellness almost her whole life.  As a cardiac nurse, she led by example in helping her patients learn about eating right, stress relief, and exercising.  But it was when Susan was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2005 that she took a closer look at her own life. She discovered the things she thought were healthy were really not, and she learned the importance of a balance between mind, body and spiritual well-being. One cannot be truly healthy without working on all three.

Using what she's learned about life and the power of touch and energy as it relates to wellness, Susan incorporates all she's learned into every facial service she gives. She believes that all aspects of wellness are reflected through your skin.  So healing must take place on every level, not just the surface. Book a facial service with her and you'll see and feel the difference that a holistic esthetician makes.

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