Sculptural Facial Lift

Sculptural Facial Lifting is a technique developed by world renown specialist Yakov Gershkovich.  The technique involves one full hour of a specified facial muscle manipulation in order to release tension buried deep in the tissue.  This tension can come from many issues including past trauma or current stress.   I will perform the technique which involves massaging the muscles from the outside and I will also massage the muscles from reaching inside the mouth.  This is extremely relaxing and most clients fall asleep!

This technique is great for those with grinding tendencies or TMJ.

Take a look at the before and after photos.  These photos are after just one service but more dramatic results occur when performed twice a week for 4 weeks, which is suggested for full results as well as monthly for maintenance.

You will most certainly see and feel a difference after your first session.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Before                           After

Brows are lifted
Mouth is relaxed
Enhanced facial shape

A peaceful look on the face is very common


Before                After

Brows lifted
Mouth is turned up
Lips enhanced
Enhanced facial shape

That peaceful look that comes from inside.


Before                  After

Lifted cheeks

This client fell completely asleep.