(Sclerocarya birrea)

Marula oil is the perfect facial oil if you just want to use a single oil for face.  It is a powerful oil for any skin type.  It nourishes dry irritated skin and balances oily, acne prone skin.  Marula does not clog pores and absorbs beautifully.  Especially wonderful on dry irritated skin like rosacea.  Marula is light and does not leave a residue.


I use organic marula oil in MOON's Youthful Essence because it is so beneficial to skin.


Apply four drops, one to forehead, chin, and both cheeks, and spread evenly, massaging gently until the oil is absorbed.  Use morning and night.


This organic marula oil is also great for hair and cuticles.  Apply 1-2 drops to fingertips and work into hair as an anti-frizz or finishing product. 

Pure organic marula oil

  • Contains: pure organic marula oil, organic rose geranium essential oil

    When using oils for skincare, it is extremely important that the oil you use is organic.  Pesticides adgere to the fats in the plant, so oils that are conventionally grown contain the highest percentage of pesticides.  These oils are being absorbed into your skin and into your body.  Organic oils are the safest and healthiest options.

    This beautful oil is cold pressed and filtered leaving all the richness and power of the pure nut oil. 

    Sourced from Namibia Africa. 100% certified organic.

    I've added just a drop of rose geranium oil because of it's light beautiful scent and it's oil balancing properties.

    1 oz and 2 oz sizes come in green glass dropper bottles.  4 oz comes in an amber glass dropper bottle.