CBD has been shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory when used on skin.  I've been using this CBD serum in service doing facials on skin that has acne or rosacea, and on skin that is just red and angry from improper care.  It's great for sunburned skin, eczema, and over treated skin too.  It soothes, and takes the red out as well as calming any itch or sting.

I've used it at home on rashes and bites with great success.

CBD behaves differently on the skin than in the body.  None of the CBD applied to the skin with this serum will be able to have any effect on mood or anxiety because the absorption through the skin and into the blood system is poor.  To learn more about CBD and skin and the science behind this product, please visit my blog post Is CBD Really Good for Skin?

I won't make any claims about improving skin tone or making you look younger because the evidence just isn't there.
  I will guarantee, however, that you will notice relief with MOON's CBD serum when used properly.


This is not a cure, but it will definately help.

Marula oil is anti-inflammatory in itself and works extremely well with the CBD and Blue tansy.  Blue tansy is blue because of the chamazulene, which is a potent plant chemical that acts as a soothing and calming ingredient.

Blue tansy is in my "magical" category because the blue tansy plant isn't blue at all.  It's only when the plant is distilled into essential oil does the blue color and the chamazulene appear....like magic!


150/600 mg CBD serum

  • Organic marula oil, organic USA grown CBD isolate, organic blue tansy essential oil (Tarancetum annum) love and good energy

    The sample sized bottle contains 150 mg or high grade, USA grown organic CBD.  The 1 ounce bottle contains 600 mg of high grade USA grown organic CBD.  Each bottle has a formual that equals 5 mg/drop

    When using on face, cleanse, tone if applicable, and apply four drops, one each to forehead, cheeks, and chin, and blend in well.  Then apply moisturizer.  You can use on face 3 times a day.  When using on a specific area, apply to clean skin and work in gently.  May be used up to 5x/day if needed for irritation and itch.

    Discontinue use if you notice area worsening and consult medical help if it persists.  This is not meant to cure or treat any illness or condition.