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What to Expect During a Facial

Holistic skincare has been a passion of mine for over 10 years, and that’s why I am so excited to offer personal esthetic services at my location in Sandy Springs! Holistic skincare involves looking at the whole body as a source for skin issues and using safe, chemical-free products that you can feel good about. I use MOON products if they’re appropriate for your skin, and I also partner with other companies I love for their clean and effective ingredients.

The importance of seeing a licensed esthetician routinely is vital in your skin health. If you are having recurrent issues, we can collaborate on a plan that addresses your concerns and meets your scheduling needs. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and skin issues don’t pop up overnight. In order to get you on the track to clear and beautiful skin, diligence and the right products are key. I compare it to going to the gym – you can’t expect a six pack after only one visit!

What is included in a holistic facial? A holistic facial is more than just a relaxing experience and a pampering session – it’s some serious work. Before your facial, I send you a questionnaire so that I can find out exactly what you expect from your service, what your current routine is like, what products are you’re using, medications or allergies, and your lifestyle routine. When you come in on the day of your service, we will talk a bit about your responses. Then the service will begin.  I usually ask that you undress from the waist up so I can do a shoulder and neck massage, but it’s up to your comfort level (I can always work around bra straps!). You will then lie down on a comfortable table with your legs supported. I always have anxiety-soothing, high vibrational music playing so you can truly relax.

The service begins with a basic cleanse. I  remove your eye and lip makeup, and then a cleanse the face with a gel cleanser to remove any leftover dirt and makeup. Then, I take my mag light and look closely at your skin to check for your skin type, texture, tone, blemishes (we call them comedones), dry patches, and wrinkles or dark spots. This is called your skin condition. I’ll discuss my findings and we will agree on what the service will focus on for the day. I gather my products and we get started!

A second cleanse is done with a cleanser more specific to your skin condition, and then a proper exfoliant is used to remove any dead skin cells.  If it’s your first facial service, I will use a general exfoliant so I can observe how your skin reacts. Then, I look for any comedones that need extracting. I will prepare your skin with steam and remove any blackheads or other clogged pores if they are ready (not all bumps can be extracted!).  Next comes the facial massage.

Most people think massage is just for relaxation and pampering. That’s true, but massage is also very important for increasing circulation and helping to remove waste.  I will feel the muscles of your face (all 43 of them!) and releasing any tension, identifying any muscle strain, working the skin to get more blood flow, and manipulating the lymph to drain away excess fluid buildup. I might even work a bit on plumping some areas to make you look extra fab! I like to incorporate crystal and stones into my massages.

After the massage, I will apply a mask that is specific to your skin’s condition, keeping in mind the reaction I saw at the beginning of the service. If conditions call for it, I will do a double mask if skin needs clarifying and moisturizing.  During the mask, I will perform a hand and/or foot massage and incorporate some aromatherapy that is specific to your needs that day. I am a clinical aromatherapist, so I’ve got more in my bag of tricks than just beautiful lavender! During the mask, I may offer vibrational balancing with a tuning fork and some healing touch. Feel free to doze off at some point!

After that mask comes off, I will choose an appropriate moisturizer and SPF.

There are many other machine modalities that are safe, effective and natural that I can offer such as:

- high frequency using a painless, safe electric current to close open pores, kill bacteria, and finish skin

- ultrasound using sound waves to push moisturizing products into skin

- vacuum to plump and stimulate skin

- light therapy to increase collagen production, diminish fine lines, and restore glow

- ultrasonic to remove dead skin cells

- galvanic using electricity to soften oil and pores to ease extractions

- facial steamer, both hot and cold to add moisture and prepare skin for

other services

- facial brushing for extra exfoliation if needed

Good results come from a team effort.  I will do my part to perform skin services that will jump start great results and keep you on track, and you do your part by being diligent at home with home product use and good skincare habits. Great skin is possible and it doesn’t have to include prescription medication or costly and invasive procedures.  Please come see me as I would love to help you!

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