Sacred Beauty is a combination of three powerful mineral volcanic ash clays and Dead Sea Salt, along with organic green matcha tea and blue lotus flower. With just one use, your skin will feel smoother and softer. With regular use, you will notice an evener skin tone and a reduction of fine lines. Sacred Beauty is the perfect combination of's not harsh like some pure bentonite so it works great with all skin types whether it’s dry, oily, or combination.

Sacred Beauty Mineral Mask

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  • Not everyone “gets it” when it comes to mud masks. You grow up thinking you have to stay out of the mud to be clean! Well, this kind of mud, volcanic ash, is different. Volcanic ash is millions of years in the making, and while it is being formed, it picks up all of the rich minerals that your skin needs to be healthy.

    Some clay masks are mostly bentonite clay, which can make even the most oily skin turn into a desert.  Through trial & error and testing, I came up with the perfect ratio of clays, green tea, Dead Sea salt, and sacred blue lotus flower.

    By applying the mask and leaving it on, you’re actually feeding your skin with essential minerals and moisture as well as removing impurities that make your skin dull and old looking. This is like a nourishing detox for your face.

    Full directions are enclosed with suggestions for “add-ins” like honey and avocado for extra softening, exfoliating or oil fighting therapy.

    Supplied in a 2 oz glass jar, there is enough for 10 uses.  Comes with a bamboo mixing spoon.  Add an optoinal 2 oz chamomile hydrosol as a mixer and to use as a toner after masking.

    Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay from the mountains of Morocco, Bentonite Clay, 100% pure Dead Sea Salt, organic green matcha tea, sacred blue lotus flower, love & good energy