The Plump Me Up Box contains beautiful products that support a youthful face.  It's not only what you put on your skin that make a difference to your complexion, it's what's happening underneath too!  Collagen is the fluff that makes your skin full of life and supports proper cell structure.  This kit supports you both ways!


This kit contains:

MOON anti-aging toning spray:  spray this toner after cleansing and press in.  The botanical ingredients work to soften skin, fight oxidation (aging) and also hydrate.  Organic rose and cucumber hydrosol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, together with organic coffee berry give you skin what it needs to be fabulous.


MOON Youthful Essence:  a moistuizer above all other moistuizers, this one has marula, honeyquat, vitamin C, and kokum butter among many other pure healthy ingredients that feed skin all day and night.  Read more here.


MOON Tamira:  Tamira means "magic" in Sanskrit and that's just what it is for your skin.  This 100% organic blend contains plant oils that bbring your skin to a new level of glow.  I've chosen these ingredients very carefully using all me skincare knowledge.  It absorbs prefectly and works with any other moisutizer.   Read more here


Anima Mundi collagen booster:  Your body needs building blocks to create collagen that plumps your skin.  This delicious pwder contains essential elements that supports collagen production.  Horsetail (one of my faves!), Camu Camu, and Schizandra (beautyfruit) are just a few of the herbals contains here.  You can read more about this product here.


None of these products are meant to treat or cure any illness

Plump Me Up Box

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