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Soapmaking is an art that is perfected with every batch. I've partnered with 153 Boutique to bring you this hand-crafted, all organic plant-based soap. This is a top quality soap in big chunky bars that are perfrect for shower or bath. They lather up just the way you want them to and they don't get mushy and drippy the way some hand crafted soaps do.


For best results, don't let the soap sit in water. I recommend keeping your bar on a raised soap dish that allows air to circualte, like a teak soap holder or slotted tray.  


Sage scent only right now (March 2020)

Organic Handcrafted Soap

scent: sage
  • Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic canola oil, organic olive oil, water, and lye (no lye remains after the soap is processed)


    Comes in 3 scents:

    Sage: contains organic essential oil of sage (Salvia officianalis)

    Lavender: contains organic essential oil of lavender (Lavendula alternifolia)

    Lemongrass:  contains organic essential oil of lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus)