These MOON facial toners are functional and powerful.  The main function of a toner is to bring your skin back to the proper pH, remove any remaining dirt and oil, and prepare your skin for the next step in your skincare routine.  But MOON toners do so much more.


  • The toner for oily skin and acne contains organic melissa hydrosol, organic german chamomile, and willow bark extract, which help to balance oil production, reduce inflammation, and keep pores open keeping skin clear and calm and preventing future breakouts.


  • The hydrating facial toner contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and Hawaiian coffee berry.  Hyaluronic acid is produced within the walls of you skin cells and its main purpose is to keep water and hydration in the cell.  As we age, we prodcue less hyaluronic acid, so our skin becomes dryer. MOON toner replaces what is lost. 
  • Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant and helps reflect the sun's harmful radiation while it encourages collagen formation under the surface of the skin.  Vitamin C is a "must use" for any skincare routine.
  • Hawwiian coffee berry is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents cell damage. Coffee berry has 10x the anti-oxidant power of green tea.


Choose the toner that will help your skin become your best asset.  Bottles are 2 oz fine mist sprayers packaged in recylcable #1 plastic or reuse.

MOON toner

  • Oily skin acne toner contains:  organic melissa hydrosol (Melissa officianalis), organic alcohol free witch hazel, organic roman chamomile hydrosol, willow bark extract, love and good energy

    Hydrating and anti-aging toner contains organic rose hydrosol, organic cucumber hydrosol, hyaluronic acid, organic Hawaiin coffe berry (Coffee arabica), vitamin c (aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate), love and good energy.

    Directions:  After cleansing, spray on and press in or swipe over cleansed face with a clean cotton round.  Follow with your usual skincare routine.