Just in time for ...um...flu season.

Order any 2 hand sanitizers of equal size and get the third equal size for free.  Item won't show up in cart but will in your box. (One deal per size)


The best way to sanitize hands is to wash them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. But for those times when you can't wash, MOON's natural hand sanitizer does the job. HOWEVER using hand sanitizer is not a magic bullet to prevent infection. It is a tool to use among many tools (sanitizing your home, limiting contact with the public or those who are infected, getting enough sleep, eating properly,  taking time to settle your mind, avoid touching highly contaminated surfaces like door handles etc.) to help reduce your risk. That said, MOON hand sanitizer is a great way to reduce your risk of infection!


MOON's hand sanitizer contains the same amount of the CDC recommended active ingredient (70% ethyl alcohol) as the name brand hand sanitizers, but MOON has something more. I've come up with a combination of powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils to help compliment effectiveness.  
Included are peppermint, clove, tea tree, and ravensara.  All 4 are anti-microbial but Ravensara essential oil is one of the most potent anti-viral agents known and it has been studied for its effectiveness against many viral strains including SARS.  
As this formula contains the same chemical composition of the active ingredient to kill bacteria and viruses (ethyl alcohol), the inclusion of essential oils would only act to enhance the effectiveness.


And it smells amazing!!


Available in the 2 oz travel size and 4 and 8 oz pump.  

The WHO and CDC recommend a mixture that is 60% or more to kill the coronavirus. MOON's is over 70%. I chose ethyl alcohol because it is less toxic and is not as easily absorbed through the skin as isopropyl alcohol. The fumes from ethyl is much less toxic than isopropyl.  The hydroxyethyl cellulose, makde from tree bark,  is an inert ingredient and is just used for gelling purposes.  It makes your hands softer as you use it, which is great!


Thank you to all the medical staff and those keeping the country running!

If you are a non-profit needing sanitizers, please contact me as I would love to get some to you at no cost.  If you are a postal worker, medical professional, or someone on the front lines, please message me if you need sanitizers.


Please contact me for further questions.

Hand Sanitizer

  • This product is a clear gel with the same consistency and effectiveness of name brand sanitizers.  It has an light essential oil scent that can only be noticed by bringing your hands to your face after it has dried.

    Contains: Distilled water, Ethyl Alcohol at 70%, Hydroxyethyl cellulose (a thickener from tree bark), organic Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree), organic Ravensara aromatica (Ravensara), organic Mentha piperita (peppermint), organic Eugenia caryophyllata (clove stem) love and healing energy.

    Comes in a #1 plastic with disc pop top 2 oz bottle, 4 oz plastic with small pump top, 8 oz glass, or 8 oz refill in a plastic bag

    If you are ordering the refill:  Please note that the refill will only be sold to refill MOON's hand sanitizer bottles. Hand sanitizer can become contaminated if not handled correclty.   MOON cannot be responsible for the effectiveness  of the sanitizer if the refill is placed into a container other that MOON's hand sanitizer bottles.  Refills are supplied in plastic zip lock bags in 8 oz and are meant to fill 8 oz bottles, all at once,  with none remaining in the bag.  If you order a refill, but I do not have any orders from you on file for the 8 oz bottles, I cannot sell it to you.   You can certainly order the bottle and the refill at the same time.

    Like all hand sanitizers, this product is flammable and should not be used near flame. Please keep out of reach of kids and pets.  If ingestion ocurs, call poison control. Keep away from eyes.