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MOON’s Clear Skin mud mask is a combination of two volcanic mineral clays, Dead Sea salt, organic green matcha tea, and activated charcoal. Mixed with organic melissa hydrosol, colloidal silver, organic essential oils, and salicylic acid, these ingredients balance oil production and detoxify the skin to reduce breakouts and create a more even skin tone without drying out the skin.


The mask is sold as a kit and contains everything you need for about 3 masks.

Clear Skin

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  • Fuller’s Earth is a mineral clay that can decolonize oil.  Excess oil production leads to acne. Fuller’s earth is a natural substance consisting of minerals and silica compounds - it displaces the oil and balances the skin.


    Dead Sea salt has been used for thousands of years as a healing remedy for many skin problems. Unlike “salt” as we know it, Dead Sea salt contains high levels of pure minerals that will draw softness into your skin, moisturizing and healing as it draws impurities out.


    Ingredients: Fuller’s earth, Dead Sea salt, organic green matcha tea, activated charcoal, Melissa hydrosol, organic essential oils of sweet orange and lemongrass, salicylic acid, love and good energy


    Green matcha tea has an extremely high antioxidant content and gives skin new life and protection from aging. In addition, the high caffeine content increases circulation and improves tone.


    Activated charcoal has the ability to pull toxins and grab them so they can be released. It is very effective for oily skin and helps deter acne.


    Melissa hydrosol (lemon balm) is pure water that is used in the production of Melissa essential oil. The water contains a small amount of the essential oil. Melissa is perfect for controlling and balancing oil production.

    Sweet orange and lemongrass essential oils will help control bacteria that can promote acne.


    Salicylic acid is a pure form of willow bark extract, and is used by dermatologists to control breakouts by keep pores cleaned.  It’s also very gentle on the skin and calms “angry acne".